How an Auto Accident Attorney can Help Prove Fault After a Wreck

When a careless driver causes an accident, the other driver is entitled to collect compensation from the insurance company of the at fault party. This is to cover injuries, damages to property, as well as other losses resulting from their actions. Many times, insurance companies will try to avoid paying what the injured driver deserves by disputing the events that took place and deny that the other driver was at fault. An accident attorney will be an advocate to prove who is responsible for a crash and it is an important part of a personal injury case.

Handling Yourself

While some people try to work through the insurance company on their own, it can be difficult to demonstrate the cause of an accident. An attorney who has experience in auto accidents will draw upon their in-depth understanding to local traffic laws to show how a mistake by the other driver caused the chain of events that led to the injuries. It is best to let the attorney handle this while the person who is injured focuses on getting better. Also, speaking with insurance companies without guidance can be tricky. They may ask for a recorded statement and even get you to say something that alludes to fault of your own.


When evidence at the scene isn’t enough, an attorney can also draw upon police reports taken directly after the accident. If the officers made notes about reckless driving or issued a ticket, those factors in the report may be used to justify the claim.

In some cases, the insurance company can still refuse to admit liability. This is when having an experienced attorney working the on the case becomes critical. They can then examine things like photos from the scene and reconstruct the accident to demonstrate fault. If it comes down to it, experts can be called on to testify to the truth of the claim and help collect the deserved compensation.

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